Monday 28 February 2011

Meet the Meadows and bees quilt

I finished the  Meadows and bees quilt over the weekend and I am so in love with it. For the back I first intended to use green and red solids combined with leftover fabric from the top but I wasn't happy with it. So I  went to see Tina at my local quilt shop Tikki. Tina always knows and has something special and oh boy did she have something special up her sleeve (thank you Tina). Look for yourself ! I l almost (but only almost) like the back better than the top.

So without further ado some images of the finished product.

You see what I mean ?
Ok, you want to see some close-up. Al right if you insist.....

And the best is that they are all Michael Miller fabrics. The front is from the Honey Bee collection as I already mentioned in my precious posts here and here. And the back is 'Pretty Bird' in spice from the  'Pretty Bird by Pillow and Maxfield Spice Group' collection for Michael Miller (here). The wonderful thing is that without even trying all colours match.
I quilted in straight lines which is rapidly becoming my favourite. As you can see I varied the number of rows. I started of with a 1/4 inch distance of the seams and then added more rows.

And now watch this.....

Gorgeous, gorgeous binding that is also from the 'Pretty Bird' collection.The fabric is called 'Bloomies'. The wonderful rich orange frames the top and back with its darker tone whilst highlighting the overall colour-scheme at the same time.

And here some more photos (sorry for the overload...but got carried away a bit).

The 'Honey bee' fabric for the top was bought at Hawthorn Threads, however they don't have much in stock anymore. Fabricworm still has a larger collection in stock and various other sources have bits and bobs. The 'Pretty Bird' fabric for the back and binding was bought at my local quilt shop Tikki here in London.
The quilt is 41x48 inches in size  (105 x 124 cm) so in the baby crib range.
Quilting was done with Gueterman Sulky 30w thread in off white (col. 1071) and the half square triangles were done with 51/2 inch squares.
The solid white was also bought at my local quilt shop.

And last but not least the all important (and new) label.

The quilt can be found in my on-line shop. Sold
P.S. The labels were ordered here


  1. love the quilt judith.......back/front & sideways! fabulous, fabulous fabric & I really like the straight-line quilting too. I've gone a bit mad trying to free-motion quilt of late but I am a Big Fan of straight-line quilting. You must be very pleased with yourself - I would be ;-)

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  3. Oh, i like this one too, I really need to have another go at Half Square Triangles...


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