Wednesday, 23 July 2014

A Shearwater Kaftan for me

Regular readers may remember that I made a Tova last year from beautiful Nani Iro double gauze. Although the Tova wasn't my normal style I found that I loved and still love wearing it. It is the best piece of clothing to wear on a summers evening when it get a little cooler.
The cut is great but what I love most of it is the double gauze. So I stocked up on more double gauze a while back with the intention of making another Tova but then I saw the Shearwater Kaftan pattern from 'make it perfect' and thought that this was actually a better cut for me and it is a lot quicker to make. The ultimate relaxed kaftan.


So I printed the pattern, cut the pieces from my beautiful double gauze of which I can't remember the name nor the designer (anybody ?). (All I know is that last year I begged Annie from the Village Haberdashery to keep me a piece big enough to make a kaftan)

I followed the very detailed and well written instructions and the kaftan was done in a couple of hours all in all.


But I did make a mistake which could have been disastrous but I managed to turn it into a feature. The kaftan has a placket at the front which I managed to put on the back (yep I did !!) and best of all whilst working on the kaftan and trying it on I kept thinking mmhhh the front is a little high (because I used the back piece as the front) until the thing was almost done and it finally dawned on me....


Some quick thinking ensued and I decided to lower the neckline of the back a bit which shortened the placket opening and then I basically closed the placket at the top with a few stitches. This all worked a treat actually and I now wear the front as the front (as intended) and the slightly lowered back with the little opening feature as the back and it sits perfectly.

The lovely Abigail (my student from the churdash class at the Village Haberdashery) took a photo of me wearing it the other day.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

And the winners are

The winners of my flash LP&Q quilting giveaway are Cheryl, Linda and Katherine.
Ladies you can expect an e-mail shortly from me with confirmation.

Congratulations !

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Once upon a time - a finished quilt-

Sophia arrived on the day I wrote the "work-progress" post about this quilt and I can finally say we are deliriously happy and she is of course my perfect little niece.

And the quilt is also finished and it was a quick one this time. I really must make more small quilts!

The quilt is about 33" wide and 40" long and my favourite bit has got to be the stacked Rapunzel towers on the left edge of the quilt.

I quilted in half circles starting on the top right corner and used a variety of threads in 3 different yellow tones, orange and green. Most of thread were 16w Perlé which is a little tricky on the machine and best sewn with top stitch needle and a thinner thread in the bobbin for which I used a 40w Aurifil in beige.

I love how the different colours give the quilt another focus point.

I bound in Kona Cotton in grass green to frame the quilt front and add contrast to the back.

The back fabric is also from the same collection and is the cutest print ever.

This quilt is a little stiffer due to the cotton/linen mix which is perfect as it will be used as a play mat a lot.

Monday, 14 July 2014

LP&Q flash give-away

Love Patchwork & Quilting the fabulous quilting magazine for which I make regular contributions and that now has reached its10th edition kindly sends me a copy of each edition in which I have a quilt or other crafty contribution. I also have a subscription and that is good news for you because I have 3 editions double that I happily give away to three blog readers.

I have issue 7, 8 and 10 to give away and each is packed with fantastic projects.

Issue 7 had my heart shaped  Liberty changing-mat and amongst other great project a beautiful voile log-cabin quilt by Laura Jan Taylor and really cute Baby booties by Ali Burdon that I may have to make for my niece !

Issue 8 had another Liberty project from me, this time a sewing on-the-go zippered bag and needlebook and the most luxurious plus cushions from Susan Standen and very cute Hot Dogs by Jo Carter.

And the most recent edition No 10 has my Windmill quilt pattern and the coolest of cool tape recorder cushion by Julianna Gasiorowska and a very elegant Oakshott quilt by Lynn Goldsworthy.

So if any of you want to get to know the magazine then please leave me a comment below.

Rules of engagement:
  • giveway open to all earthlings and aliens alike
  • giveway finishes on Wednesday this week
  • if you already have one of the featured edition than please let me know in the comment
  • you can otherwise NOT choose which one I will sent
  • you MUST make sure you have an e-mail address as I will not follow up on no-repy-bloggers

Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Stash Note 92 - Double Cloth Cotton -

A few weeks back I saw on the 'Purlbee' blog a feature about Men's shoe bags. These were simple drawstring bags from the most wonderful looking denim cloth.

I thought I could do with a few new shoe bags and really liked the wholesome look of the colour and fabric and above all I loved the two-sided nature of the fabric.

So I ordered it immediately from the Purlbee but what I failed to notice, although it was clearly written on the blog was that this was in fact double cloth or (also called double gauze).

The fabric arrived and I was slightly taken aback by it and straight away decided that this was much to precious and soft and lovely for shoe bags. I mean I really love my way too big collection of shoes but even I would not warp them in double gauze (Perl Bee what were you thinking ? :-)

So I am going to make a gorgeous quilt from this that will be incredibly soft and snug and because it is double sided I effectively have 12 different combination at hand. I envisage something really simply and manly with large squares and maybe not to much quilting.....

 Sometimes an oversight can be a very happy one indeed.....

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Once upon a time - a Far Far Away quilt in progress-

My brother and his girlfriend's first child was born a few days ago is taking her sweet time and I also wanted to say that the entire familiy is delirous with happiness but instead we are playing the waiting game. So that sentence will hopefully come in the next post.....

I already knitted a blanket for them but of course must make a quilt too. I still have a large stash of Far Far Away by Heather Ross from the collections she did a few years back for Kokka. These are the cotton/linen mix rather than the cotton weight collection that is being re-issued this months. 

I bought the entire collection of Far Far Away II at the time and made one quilt in the blue/grey colourway which is still one of my favourites of all time.  Originally I thought to make two more in the same pattern; one for each of the other colour schemes which are green/orange and purple/pink.

I love these gorgeous fairytale patterns and also love the cotton/linen mixture although I know most people prefer a 100% cotton. I decided on a bit of improvised piecing instead of squares and mixed the fabric with some of her other collections, some text prints and some Moda cross weave for contrast.
I just cut and pieced, cut pieced to my heart's content.

I tried to emphasis the fairy tale elements by fussy cutting around them although the pieces itself are all fairly large anyway.

This quilt is going to be crib size and I must say it is a real relieve to make something small for a change....I forgotten how quickly a quilt can be made.

Friday, 27 June 2014

QuiltCon 2015

I am coming !!!!!!!

Yes, I managed to register and although I am on the waiting list for a few workshops I have booked in for the Keynote speach with the Quilters of Gee's Bend and am sure that I will get a place for the last session on the Sunday for an improv class with them as I assume a lot of people have to catch planes (that is my hope anyway).

I also can't wait to see the exhibition of Gee's Bend quilts and the 20 quilts from Yoshiko Jinzenji’s Quilt Group.

Who else is going ?