Sunday, 8 February 2015

Stash Note 95

New to my stash is the 'Paint' Collection by Carrie Bloomstone for Windham. This is her second collection after the very succesful "Collage" the year before. I sort of missed that one or let's say it took me a while to like it and when I finally did it was mostly gone. C'est la vie.

So with this collection I went all out and bought a fat quarter set of all prints. They are wonderfully different and the colours are to die for.

The collection has many prints and quite a selection of marbled solids. I have tried to bring the vibrancy of the colours out in the photographs but they really don't to the turquoise, yellow and orange justice.

The pattern is very similar to the 'Collage' collection and to be honest which is great given that I missed it the first time around. 

Look at the wonderful flowers in these prints.

And the newspaper strips above.

Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Negative Space - in abundance

 Love Patchwork & Quilting issue 18 is available.

 And with that my third quilt in the all-solids trilogy.

Unlike the previously two (here and here)  this quilt uses a more sedate colour pallet and lots and lots of negative space that I was deliriously happy to quilt.

The purple stripes reflect a basket weave pattern where they intersect.

Although it may look complicated, it is actually a very easy quilt to piece and because of the large amount gives you much space to quilt to your heart's content.

I quilted with about 5 different thread colours ranging from off-white to many shades of purple including a variegated thread and the result is a wonderful diverse yet supple quilting pattern.

Read all about the pattern and the quilting technique in the new magazine. The fabric for this quilt was sponsored by the lovely Tina from Tikki Patchwork in Kew.

Sunday, 1 February 2015

A new Single Girl quilt in progress

Hello there everybody. I am back from a rather wonderful holiday in the warm sun (sorry about that...) and just got right back into teaching at the Village Haberdashery yesterday and working on a customer commission.

A while back a former student of mine asked me to make here a 'Single Girl' Quilt for her little daughter. And I was so happy to have been asked because this quilt pattern is one of my all time favorites. I have made two of them over the past years (here and here) and love both dearly. Sonya, my customer, was very taken with my originals and also wanted an all solids quilt but with a fresher background colour.

We collaborated on the set of colours to be used and decided on a rainbow style colour set but without any pinks and the background colour is the wonderful grey/blue Kona slate. 

From my previous versions of the quilt I still have the plastic templates but this is still a quilt that demands patience and one where all the cutting is done using scissors rather than a rotary cutter. Still, I love the process and that is all that counts right now.

Keep you posted

Monday, 5 January 2015

A Linden Sweatshirt for me

Well hello everybody and a very happy New Year to you all. How about some sewing? I am pretty much starting the New Year as I finished the old one which is by sewing and what better past time is there (apart from photography).

Long time readers will know by now that I have developed a fondness for double gauze. In 2013 I made myself a Tova from a Nani Iro double gauze cloth and in 2014 I made myself a Shearwater Kaftan also from a gorgeous piece of double gauze and these past days I have made myself a Linden Sweatshirt from the most sumptuous dark indigo Nani Iro double gauze.  I love this fabric because it is so soft and light and breathable and is simply the best thing to wear on a warm summers evening. It is fairly thick but lets the air through and is perfect for humid climates. I know our summers are short but I love wearing my double gauze casuals then and as I am going to a warm place soon I needed of course a new one.

So meet the latest edtion to my growing collection:

The Linden Sweatshirt pattern  is from Grainline Studios and is a fairly new. I was delighted when I spotted it because I love raglan sleeves. They are just the most flattering. The pattern is easy to follow (I downloaded the digital version) and the sweatshirt was done in less than two hours.

The pattern itself is designed to use knitts which is the obvious choice for a sweatshirt. This forced me to make a few small changes for the double gauze. I zickzacked all edges as double gauze does fray and used a biased strip for the neck binding. And I obviously did not add any ribbing to the arms and hem.

I bought this fantastic double gauze with the wonderful name 'Nuance in Muji Viol' at the Village Haberdashery and I saw that Annie recently announced in her newsletter that she ordered he entire Cotton&Steele double gauze 'Bespoke' collection which will arrive in January.  Annie also has the Linden Sweatshirt paper pattern in stock for those who don't want to puzzle it together from the digital version (it can be a drag....).

I think the next project I will attempt with double gauze are short Summer PJs and maybe another Sweatshirt ?

Sunday, 21 December 2014

Camera bags

I bought my nephew for Christmas a small point-and shoot camera because he developed an interest in photography and that obviously pleases me no end. When we were in holiday in October he kept using my sister's SLR but most images he took look rather out-of-focus and cropped at odd angels because the camera is just to heavy for a six year old to hold steady !

To go along with the camera I thought I use my Echino camera print to make him a padded drawstring bag. And while I was at it I made myself one to for my smaller camera. I use 'needlefelt' for padding and whilst it certainly doesn't prevent damage from a fall, it still provides better cushioning than any of the Veline fleece products.

And with that I wish all my wonderful followers and readers a very merry Christmas and New Year. I will be back in January for a sneak peak but then in holiday for a couple of weeks.

Thursday, 18 December 2014

Red and White projects

I thought I share a few more of my own photos of the red and white quilt projects with you that I made for issue of 16 of Love Patchwork & Quilting. They feel so christmassy and are just right for now.

The front in all its glory. The continuous circle starts in the middle of this square quilt.

And I couldn't just put on a normal back but had to make something pieced too and as so soften I am tempted to say I like the back even better than the front.

The binding is white and red and adds a little fun to it all.

I also have new labels I now sew into the binding. These are stitched and have writing on both sides.

I love how it folds and drapes.

And a little sausage roll to finish up.

Monday, 15 December 2014

Logcabin variations in Love Patchwok & Quilting issue 16

For issue 16 of Love Patchwork & Quilting I made three red and white projects; a courthouse step quilt, a half log-cabin cushion and a mini log-cabin pincushion.

The log-cabin quilt block is a wonderful pattern with almost infinite possibilities and the projects I have made are only a few examples. Red and white together are always spectacular because of the crisp contrast. I quilted in red and white thread in a continuous circle.

The cushion features a half log cabin block and is also quilted with two different thread colours and finally a pin cushion is the most popular log-cabin variation.

Other projects in this issue that I have caught my eye are Lynn's striking hexagon quilt that features the front page.

I just love that she uses a really dark colour for sashing - blacks or almost blacks are not used enough in quilting. And another red and white project with a Scandinavian feel to it from Jo Avery which is just define and would work so well together with my quilt.