Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A flock of geese - part three-

I don't mind basting a quilt. Sure it isn't the most stimulating of processes when making a quilt but it is a really important one and needs to be done right to have a good time quilting.

So I put on an audio book and get on with it. For my new 'flock of geese' quilt I used for the first time wool batting that I bought by the yard from 'Creative Grid' where I also buy my large cotton batting rolls. The woll wadding has much, much more loft than the cotten batting and I am interestd to see how this behaves during quilting.

But to make sure my quilt sandwitch isn't moving at all during quilting I secured it with over 400 pins. That is even for me a lot. One for each geese block makes 240 and one in each intersection which makes a pin every three inches. One hour later I was done and hopefully find some time and motivation this week in the evenings to get on with quilting.

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

A flock of geese -part two-

It's been a while since I updated on the progress of my new quilt. The geese came a long fine until I had done 200 of them and only 40 were left to do.....and those took me about 2 weeks to make. To be honest, they are not tedious or difficult to make but it sort of wears you out eventually.

But I am really pleased how they have turned out. Over the weekend I played around with a few combination and finally settled on most of them flying in one direction with a few "wild ones" in between.

And there is also one entire row breaking ranks and flying into the other direction!

All I need to do now is join them and get basting. I am thinking of using a wool batting for a change for extra warmth.

Monday, 8 June 2015

Greek summer dreams in fabic

I am an early riser, some might even say a ridiculous early riser. I normally get up at 5.30 am on a workday and it is not uncommon for me to do the same on the weekend. I love this hour of the day when I have the feeling that it is only me and a few more that might be up.

Why am I starting this blog post with my sleeping habits ? Well, because I woke up last Saturday at 5 am, birds singing and all and whilst lying there and waiting for my "inner machine" to start up, I decided I would quickly sew myself a new Linden Sweatshirt. 

When I was teaching at the Village Haberdashery a few weeks back, Annie had just stocked the utterly gorgeous 'Paparounes in Crimson' from the new Skopelos Collection from Art Gallery fabric. At first I was disappointed that it was a knit rather than quilting cotton as I had earmarked this striking fabric for a quilt back. But I just could not, not buy some and decided I could do with another sweatshirt.

And oh boy am I glad that it was a knit as this turned out just fabulously. I have not sewn with jersey knits before and was conscious of the stretchiness of this fabric. I used a jersey needle and as I don't have a serger closed the seams with a wide zig-zag stitch. I used a normal foot but would use my walking foot the next time around.

Like with my last Linden Sweatshirt version I did not finish the sweatshirt with ribbing but instead simply hemmed it but this time I used a twin needle which was also a first! It gave the hems a nice finish but I should have used a thinner thread.

The neckline was a little tricky to do and I suppose I also should have used the twin needle there but I was a little apprehensive to use it there but will also do so next time.

I made this version a size bigger than the last as I wanted the sweatshirt a little roomier and also thought that it would look better it being a knit. It sits really well just like my Nani Iro one. It really took only two hours from cutting to wearing. And yes I was wearing it at 8 am when I walked to the corner shop to get myself a well deserved butter croissant.

Sunday, 31 May 2015

A bit of pink for the Sofa

The other day I was looking at my coffee themed cushions that I made for my sofa last year and thought with the approaching Summer that it needed a bit more colour. I had a look at my stash and thought this wonderfully violent bright pink bird Echino print would be a good starting point.

I had half a meter which is just perfect for the larger of my 3 sofa dedicated sofa cushions. I just love how this pops. The other two smaller cushions are featuring complimentary colours and are bit more sedate. I used some of my precious Melody Miller stash and after some contemplation decided upon the flies and disc prints from way back.

 All cushions are fixed with a zip a the bottom so both cusion sides can be equally displayed.


As always I used fusible needlelfelt to give the cushions a bit more padding. This wonderful fabric is available at Macculoch & Wallis  and I can't recommend it highly enough for cushions, bags and anything that needs a bit of extra padding.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

A flock of geese - the start

Weeks ago I came across a flying geese quilt on Pinterest that I fell for hard. That combined with me giving away about half a dozen quilts to my siblings, prompted me to start a new flying geese quilt. One of the quits I gave to my sister is my 'Lotta fly away' and I gave the 'On point' to my brother. I love both of those quilts so I kinda thought I make myself a new one using a little of both .....

I adore the flying geese pattern and my stock of K.Fassett shot cottons, Zanzibar fabric, stash of Moda cross, gingham and ticking treasures are waiting to be made into a new large quilt with lots and lots of geese.

Let the sewing begin.

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Love and Kisses - a finished quilt

A picture post of my finished quilt is about to unfold here. It was so, so much fun to make this quilt and I can't wait to see my little niece playing on it.

The finished quilt is 48in  x 54in which is a little larger than crib size so it will last her beyond that age.

It's odensely quilted with on a 1 inch wide grid using mostly ice grey on the top and off-white on the back.

I chose the pezzy print from American Jane for the binding to contrast in style but with the same colour palette as the back print

The back print is an Alexander Henry print that I also had in turquoise and I think those butterflies are equally as striking on a cream background.

All fabric was from my own stash and it felt really great having to hunt for those perfect prints for the heart shapes.

All my quilts are labelled whether they are for sale or are gifted.

And a sausage role for last....

Previous posts can be found here and here.  If there is enough interest, I will publish a pattern/tutorial here on the post - just let me know.

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Lots and lots of hearts

My "Love and Kisses" quilt that I started before Easter has progressed nicely and I have finished the quilt top. It took me some time and many dives into my fabric stash to find the right fabrics for the hearts themselves and then I spend some more time choosing the right solids for the background.

Sometimes I used a complimentary colour to the patterned heart fabric and sometimes I used something contrasting and wild. It was a fun process and halfway through it I found my groove with the inset seams and had developed a nice production line.

The quilt is made of 42 heart blocks at 8 1/2" (finished size 8") arranged over 6 in a row with 7 rows in total which makes it a nice rectangle quilt.

I used many favourite fabrics in this, such as 'Sherbert Pips', 'Girls at Play', added some precious Heathter Ross and also some basic prints that did not need to be fussy cut.

It is such a fun quilt that makes me ridiculously happy to tool at. Now it's time to choose the backing and I recruited some help for this in the form of my brothers partner and their daughter because I decided this quilt will go to me little 10 months old niece.

I imagine that when Sophia is a little older that she will start spotting images on the quilt, so a proper "I spy" quilt.