Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Snowy days - a finished quilt

Yes  you read correctly. This is the quilt that I started just before Christmas and which was meant to keep me warm in the Winter but sadly was only finished a few weeks back.

But there will always be another Winter and to be frank it has been a bit cold in the nights lately which meant it actually has been residing on my bed for a while.

This is a very large quilt with 70in x 80in and is perfect for my king size bed. I am sure you will remember that I have been collecting and playing with these low volume prints for a while now, starting with my one-year long hexagon project.

I then went on to make a cushion in the same prints only to right away decide that I needed a much larger quilt in the same prints. So I went back to the Cloth House in Soho where I know I can get lovely linens and in addition I dug out every piece of low volume I could find in the house.

Piecing this quilt was difficult because many of the fabrics used were very soft linens and others very course and thick, some new French delicate linens and some very old ones from my grandmother. I would have had an easier time piecing if I had used interfacing to stabilise the softer linens.

When I had to decide on the quilt back I procrastinated for ever but finally decided on Essex Yarn dyed linen in Flax. This is a beautiful fabric but heavy and heavy I wanted but it meant that quilting in a one inch crosshatch pattern was very hard work and not at all enjoyable. So I took my sweet time with it.

I bound it with one of the best text prints ever from Sweetwater's collection 'Mama Said Sew' called 'Words Dictionary'.

Although I haven't had the best time making this quilt, I do love it and am always happy when I look at it. It is stunning and works very well with my white/grey/beige bedroom.

Older blog posts regarding this quilt can be found here, here and here.

Friday, 11 April 2014

Liberty changing mat and blanket

You know I love making my foldable changing mats and when LP&Q asked me to make a Liberties inspired series of makes I couldn't wait to suggest a changing mat with matching blanket.

So in issue 7 that came out last week you can find out how to make both of them !

I wanted to make a duo that could be used for both girls and boys and you know how much I dislike gender polarisation by way of colour. Yes the quilt has a lot of blue but also a lot of girly flowers which I think is a creat combo.

I used a very soft denim as background colour and made a sweet heart from Liberty scraps.

And this is of course how it looks folded and ready to slip in the handbag, buggy, car ..... always ready for that emergency nappy change. 

 The baby blanket is simply made fromLiberty squares backed with a gorgeous navy super soft flannel.

 And here again folded and ready for a snuggle.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I am still enamoured with the colour yellow and am itching to make a second quilt that features this happy colour.

And another technique I am keen to check out is the "slice and dice" technique championed by Jacquie Gering and Katie Perdersen in "Quilting Modern".

So how about that ?

It was enourmous fun making this block and I can see a whole lot of them being created...if only I had a bit more time on my hands.

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Stash Note 90

Yes I actually bought some new fabric the other day. Who would have thought....and it is a great set that caught my eye last week and which I could not resist.

Meet "Citrus" by Windham designed by "Another point of view".

 This collection is all about grafics and colour !

And I love these lime/srping grass colours in particular which might have somehting to do with the approaching spring....

Pink Castle Fabric have this collection in fat quaters avaiable.

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

A Liberty fabric pin cushion tutorial

If you want to know how to make this adorable Liberty fabric pin cushion then head over the the Liberty blog where I published a free tutorial on it yesterday.

They are easy and fun to make and above all filled with my signature rice/lavender mix because I like a heavy and fragrant pin cushion !

Monday, 17 March 2014

Hurray a finished quilt

I got my beloved beast back and it runs again smoothly. My suspicion was correct and they had to re-set the casing where the bobbin holder rests in. I suspect that the problems were caused when I was sewing a zipper back with leather (can't show I'm afraid as it is for LP&Q issue 8) the other day which resulted in some jamming of the needle.

And although the weather was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend I managed to finished my first wall hanging 'Dreams of Summer' and it is already hanging on the wall in my front room.

As already mentioned in my earlier post about it, this piece is most definitely inspired by the Gee's Bend quilts. It is cut and pieced without the use of rulers or rotary cutters expect when it came to squaring up the quilt. The solids are an assortment of Kona and Freespirit Designer solids and some remnants whose origin I can't really place.

After much deliberation and a failed attempt at half circular quilting I decided on random fairly narrow straight lines and I believe this was the right decision in the end as the circular quilting may have been distracting from the actual colours.

One of the things I particularly love about the quilt is that it has no visible binding. The binding is folded and hand stitched to the back for which I used Victoria Gertenbach's excellent tutorial.

To hang the quilt I made a sleeve as it is about 32 inches long. For smaller pieces I would have used triangles in the corner.

And it is hung with a dowel and some eye screws pretty much in the same way as explained by simplyrobin.

You know for somebody who has never been fond of quilt wall hangings, I am actually really pleased with this. It turned out really lovely and makes for a great piece of decorative "art".

Monday, 10 March 2014

A broken beast

My lovely Horizon is at the doctors and that makes me very sad. The casing where the bobbin holder sits in, seems to be worn out resulting in tension issues (both with the machine and me !). At first I thought I just need a new bobbin holder but unfortunately that didn't solve the problem so I took the beast to my trusted repair man Chris who I'm sure will sort her out.
I guess after some years of heavy usage a repair was on the cards at some point and hopefully I'll have the beast back by the end of the week.

I am halfway through quilting 'Snowy Days' and half way through quilting' Dreams of Summer'.
This picture here is just before I basted it.  It was a real joy of piecing this quilt and I only used a ruler to square up right at the very end.