Tuesday 18 July 2017

A seaside sweater

Today I'd like to share another knit with you and appropriately for Summer it's a linen knit. This is now my fourth linen jumper (Nr.1, Nr.2,  Nr.3) and I love them all. Linen, whilst not the easiest to knit is the most comfortable to wear material there is for summer.

This sweater was inspired by one that I saw on Karen Templer's Fringe Association blog last year (but I am unable to find it there again).

I made my live easy und used a pattern I already kit last year for my third linen sweater. It's from the Plucky knitter and I like the pretty eyelids along the raglan shape. The pattern is worked top down which is now also my preferred way of knitting.

The linen yarn is 'Kalinka' from Karin Oberg which I ordered at this shop in France but it is also available in the UK at Wild and Woolly in London (they just did not have the colours I wanted). The skeins only come in 100 gr. which I is not economical as I have now rather a lot left. All other linen I have used in the past (mainly Sparrow by Quince&Co and El Lineo by Schoppel) come as 50 gr skeins. But the yarns knit as well as all the others and the colours are just as gorgeous.

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