Monday 3 July 2017

Isosceles triangles quilt and class

The Village Haberdashery were I am teaching quilting and other sewing classes asked me to teach a master class in isosceles triangles. So I thought the best way to go about this is to first make a class sample...that turned out to be a baby quilt (no half measures here...).

For those who have never heard about isosceles triangles (or can't remember geometry lessons at school), they have two sides of equal length rather than three and are thus a little "taller".

I worked with triangles before and whether they are isosceles or other they all require careful handling during cutting and quilt assembly which I will teach during the class including tips on fabric choice, design, quilting etc. We scheduled two classes one in July and one in September.

I loved making this quilt and new immediately when we decided to just use solids that I wanted something with lots of blues. It took only 10 min to choose all the colours for this quilt!

I used five different blues (Surf, Regatta, Riviera, Blue Jay and Candy Blue) and one orange  (Torch). All are Kona Cotton and are in stock at the Village Haberdashery.

Often when I make a quilt that is led by clear geometrical forms, I choose a quilting pattern that is the opposite of those strict uniform lines such as concentric circle. Whilst my go-to quilt pattern is the concentric circle, I chose something a little different for this quilt. I wanted to quilt in a way that looks as if many very large circles are implying that the quilt is part of a larger piece (at least from the back).

If you know my quilts then you know that I prefer coloured threads for quilting rather than white and this one is no exceptions. In fact I went even further. I quilted in two different varigated thread colours (both Gueterman Suki), one in shades of blues and one with a distinct emphasis on orange.

And I absolutely adore the result and wished I made the quilt bigger. The quilt will be displayed at the shop from next week and as part of my classes.

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