Monday 19 June 2017

Light as a feather

I realise that this is really not the right time to write about my finished mohair jumper (finished about 4 months ago) but we all know that eventually the weather will turn and then it will come in handy. Yesterday I was sitting in the kid's pool with my 2 nieces in 30 degrees heat. Just humour me....

So in December last year I had given a mohair jumper I knitted years ago finally to charity. I had worn it plenty over the years but stopped wearing it and according to my rule that anything that isn't worn more than one season must go to the charity shop, I found myself without a mohair jumper.

Oddly enough it bothered me a bit and I thought to one day make new one. Then I found myself at Liberty buying buttons, literally walking into this gorgeous special edition vintage inspired kidsilk haze mohair by Rowan. The blue mohair (colour way 'Smalt') is spun around a white silk threat which gives it this amazing vintage colour. To top it all they had this jumper as a sample in a different colour displayed and it's a free pattern. Needles to say the buttons weren't all that was purchased that evening. Four little balls of mohair came home with me at almost 10 GBP a ball!

So far so good. I cast on and front and back knitted like a dream (although I disliked that it is a bottom up pattern). The arms were a different story. Mohair doesn't knit easy at all and frankly is probably best knit simply and without much pattern. The pattern used for the arms isn't difficult at all but it is fiddly.

I also made a mistake on the second arm and attempted to unravel my knitting....Anybody who has knitted mohair before will know that it is a nightmare and one which I abandoned very fast.

Fortunately I had enough wool to finish but the arms came up a little short. This wasn't an enjoyable knit at all. I do love the result though and absolutely loved wearing this lightest as a feather sweater in the early spring days.

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  1. wonderful colour yarn and it looks great. Total respect to your perseverance, I tried and gave up knitting a jumper in kid silk haze - now have a warm shawl in a super simple stitch.


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