Monday 25 July 2016

More linen - Quince&Co Sparrow

I finished another linen sweater a few weeks back and have worn it ever since (weather permitting).

The yarn is from Quince&Co and is of a different quality than the "El Linio" from Schoppel I used for this sweater. Whilst El Linio is a tape yarn with a flat structure, Sparrow is spun round. The former feels softer to the touch and is thus more comfortable to knit but that does not mean Sparrow isn't a joy to knit. On the contrary it felt great gliding through my fingers and visibly softens while knitting.

The pattern is also from Quince&Co and is called "Perkins Cove" . This was the first top/down knit I ever attempted and I must say I am an instant convert to the technique. I find it so  advantageous that I can frequently try on the garment while knitting and best of all there are no seams in the end.

There were only few changes I made. The pattern has raw edges throughout but I finished with a narrow moss stitch edge at arms and body. The only raw edge I kept was around the neck. I also knitted full length sleeves instead of 3/4.

I kitted between the two smallest sizes and ended up using only 5 skeins of yarn but as I bought 7 skeins, I traded the two I did not need in at Loop in London and bought other colours to knit my third linen sweater for the season.

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