Tuesday 8 March 2011

Single girl quilt {curves, curves and more curves}

More on my sewing marathon from the weekend. As I didn't have much time last week in the evenings to sew, it was all for the weekend. Now, I could have just done all the curved pieces of the quilt and left it at  that (like any sensible person would have done) but because the new "Marine" collection from Birch had arrived on Friday................... well, I couldn't help but piecing a quilt with that too.

But this is about the "Single girl quilt".  I now appreciate why so many people are apprehensive about making this quilt. It isn't (at least for me) the curved pieces as such, they actually fit rather neatly. This quilt is just a lot of sewing and does remind me workload wise on my "Flowers and Stars" quilt. Of course it helps if one doesn't make any mistakes, which is an impossibility. For example, I managed to sew piece "I" of the pattern upside down onto the ring in 11 of the 12 rings. So at the moment I am undoing  all of these  before I can sew all the quarters together. Thankfully this is an outer piece but still...........I was furious Sunday night and chucked it all in a corner and then went on watching some mindless "Criminal Minds". Nothing but a good serial killer to take ones mind off of obsessive sewing.

I also decided to only make a 9 ring lap quilt. But as I have cut and sewn everything for a twin size, I will go the extra length and cut and sew one more ring (just because I love it soooooooo much) and make a baby quilt on top of it.

Here a few images of my progress:

Further posts on the quilt along can be found here and here.


  1. Oops! But it will be a bazillion times worth it in the end because it just looks so fabulous.

  2. hmmnn, that looks like a lot of very hard work Judith! Rather you than me I think ;-)
    Mind you, saying that, i am in the midst of a hand-piecing-over-paper-kaleidoscope-quilt at the mo....something of a slow burn project lol ;-)

  3. I absolutely love your single girl... the colours are gorgeous and the background really makes it! (and yours all look perfectly alligned... how did you do it?!)


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