Monday 6 December 2010

Stach Note No 1

These lovelies have arrived in the last 2 weeks on my door step and I can't wait to get quilting on them.

This is Alexander Henry 'It's a hoot'. I am thinking of making a quilt with lots and lots of different owl pattern intertwined with some solids. I particular like the grey version as it is a fairly unusual  colour in the quilting world.

Next one is Urban Circus by Laurie Wisbrun ordered at Simply Solids. I also ordered complimentary solids for this and I am thinking of making a baby quilt from these but am not sure yet of the pattern

From the lovely people at Seamstar I ordered these from the Momo collection 'It's a Hoot' (strangly the same name as the AH collection). Absolutely gorgeous colours and I think this is a most useful collection for the ever growing stash.

And then this most wonderful Anna Maria Horner 'Innocent Crush' Voile arrived from fabricworm. Now I finally understand why everybody keeps harping on about the soft touch and feel of them.............can't stop touching the fabric.

And look how fantastic this combination is:


And this is my absolute favorite combo and will probably be my next project.

And lastly this 'Little Folks' voile arrived too (but I can't remember where I ordered them from at the moment) and they feel even better than the 'Innocent Crush' ones (if that is at all possible). These are earmarked for baby blankets with some lovely flannel that yet has to be ordered.

And there is much more to come this week including my Hurrican win from last week.

 P.S Will post later about the sewing machine deliberations and its outcome but thanks already to all of you who have commented with advice and about your experience and own deliberations.


  1. My first (big) quilt (this year) was from the Freebird by MoMo collection........) & now you show me this Judith, 'Its A Hoot' by MoMo........yay, love it!!

    Thank you :-)

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