Wednesday 8 December 2010

And I proudly present.....

The Hurrican !

It arrived yesterday on my doorstep and really is as lovely as it looked on Katy's blog. The colours are very deep and saturated and I felt  immediately transported to Morocco or perhaps Mexico (though I haven't been there yet). It just reminds of a very colourful place and sun and summer and this is a very good feeling at the moment.

And I have made a decision on the sewing machine front. In the end I went for the Janome. I have read all the very helpful comments (thanks again) and although there are also some negative reviews about the Janome and its teething problems I still went for this one instead of the Pfaff. The Bernina although I am convinced it is the superior machine fell out of the race earlier on account of the very short arm. Indeed that criteria was the most important one for me. I had another chat to Chris from Direct sewing machine and then got the Janome in favour of the Pfaff. I suppose both have an equal amount of teething problems but I think the Janome has the edge at the moment. I really hope this will work out. And who knows one day I may be able to afford the Bernina 820....(or not) because that is what I really want (don't we all...)

I am almost finished with the Mod Aqua II quilt for the lovely Annette and hoped to have it done today but sadly that has to wait until next week as I am going to visit my sister and my favourite (the only one actually) nephew in Germany over the weekend.

And after that it is back to the 'Cranberry Crush' quilt which I am hoping to quilt on my new Janome. Of course I shall post regular reports on my experience with the machine.

And after that I have sworn to myself will be a prolonged time of small(er) quilts. 84 inch quilts really area killer. But I am sure I'll eat my words rather sooner than later.


  1. Happy stitching with your new Janome, Judith. Looking forward to hearing what you experience. I have a Horizon on lay-away and have had moments when I think I should forget it - mostly based on reading negative feedback online. I grew up sewing on Janomes though. My own MC7500 Janome has been going strong for nearly 20 years and it has been nothing but a good experience and that makes me lean towards buying the Horizon.

  2. Hello Judith, nice to meet you!
    You have made very beautiful quilts! Have a lovely time with your new Janome!
    Sunny wishes from Crete! Teje

  3. Hello :) I sew on a Janome, and I've found that I can avoid having my fabric eaten if I keep the bobin area free of lint. Enjoy your machine, and I hope this helps.


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