Wednesday 1 December 2010

I won !!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it I won the giveaway over at Katy's I'm a giner monkey blog.

I have never every won anything in my entire life. The giveaway is the hurrican collection from Klona (not Kona) solids and I can't wait to start a little project with this.
Pictures to come as soon as the fabric has arrived at my home but you can look at it for the time being here.

That really made my day.


  1. congratulations, brilliant prize to win!

  2. Oh I'm so jealous I wanted those lol. Congrats xx

  3. Congratulations. I entered that giveaway and thought I had won as I am a Judith as well! I hope you enjoy the fabric. I have just got a new machine after a lot of research and ended up with the Bernina 630 and LOVE it.


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