Wednesday 17 February 2016

La Passacaglia - part 1 -

I am back from a wonderful 2 week holiday in the West Indies and whilst I think that there should be a law against having to leave the house if the temperature difference is 30 degree Celsius (-3 in London yesterday to plus 27 in Bequia the night before !), I nonetheless dragged myself into work albeit in my vintage furs and suffering.
But that's enough whining and on to some crafting updates instead.

So I started another another EPP pieing project. The last one I did was called "On my travels" and was a quilt entirely made from low volume fabric. I pieced it as the name suggested while travelling, usually whilst journeying to my parents in Germany. Since then I have been mainly knitting on my travels and which I will keep doing so time for the new project has to be found elsewhere.


For those who have not heard about this latest self-inflicting torture craze, this quilt is a 3000 strong piece quilt pattern created by Willyne Hammersteil. A book is available and sew&quilt sell it including the pre-cut paper pieces and acrylic templates.

The idea is to piece this in company once a month. The lovely Ruth who is also a member of our LMQG suggested to meet up once a month for a few hours in the evening in a London to work on this together. Along the lines of shared pain is half pain or something like this. Trouble is so far I only managed to attend one evening, so the whole project may take half a century....


But I love my start and really love paper piecing. So I will just go with the flow no matter how long it takes and in(frequent) updates on the blog may help me along.


  1. Enjoy the journey- it's not a race!

  2. I'm just waiting for my templates and book to arrive and I'll be joining your pain! I can't make the sew evening either so it may also take me a century or so to finish...

  3. I love the block with the flies on it. I could see me appliqueing some blocks like that onto background pieces, and making a quilt with them. I'd never finish the La Pass(whatever) quilt. I've seen lots of people that are mostly done with it, though.

  4. love how your block is building, I've taken the go with the flow on the LaP, think the monthly tuesdays is where I am most productive!


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