Wednesday, 27 January 2016

Knitting - a finished Ombré cashmere scarf

When I went to Quiltcon last year in Austin, Texas I took advantage of saving on shipping costs and taxes and had quite a lot of fabric and wool sent to my hotel. The most precious parcel that arrived was cashmere wool from Purl Soho in New York. Some months earlier they had announced on their purl bee blog the kits for an Ombré Wrap kit which I had absolutely fallen for.

This kit contains 8 skeins that are specifically dyed for Purl Soho and blend into each other to deliver the ombré effect. I only knitted this scarf during travel when I went to Germany to my parents and over the past couple of months a little here and there which is why it took the best part of a year.

The scarf is knitted in simple ribbing stitch and about 20" x by 70" in size. I washed it and blocked it last weekend and have been wearing it ever since although it is not really cold enough.

This has got to be the softest cashmere I have ever touched, it's almost like feeling warm soft water and not at all like wool.

The set comes in 5 different colours and each is very tempting but knitting a scarf of this length is also a little boring eventually. So I am glad it's finished and I can move on to the next one.


  1. It's beautiful! That's ribbing, not seed stitch though.

  2. Beautiful scarf! May i ask how many stitches you casted on? Thanks!


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