Tuesday 23 February 2016

A touch of denim - part three -

My new quilt is almost finished, just the binding to do. But I thought I give a quick update on the QAYG process.

The quilt itself is quilted in a 1 inch diagonal crosshatch pattern which supports the HST lines and the borders are quilted in straight lines 1/2 inch apart.

Having never done QAYG, I read through quite a few tutorials on the web (in particular this from BubzRubz and those from Marianne of Quilting Edge.

There are several methods to choose from which did surprise me. There are those that include strips of wadding which generally have wider joining strips and those that use narrow joining strips and a number of variations of both methods. After I understood the techniques I decided on a narrow strip technique which you might think is a little risky as a first time QAYGer but I felt confident.

The strip for the top was 1 1/2 inch wide and the one for the quilt back 1 inch. This leaves very little room for mistakes and you need to sew the strips on with a very precise and scant 1/4 seam allowance.

Although I did not plan QAYG for this quilt, I was lucky in that I chose a quilt back that basically hides the fact that I stitched the borders on. If I had chosen a fabric with a more directional pattern, that would have looked a little unfortunate and I think I would have not gone for the QAYG but instead would have had to content myself with the smaller quilt.

Another plus of this quilt is that it really hides the additional quilting lines that are necessary for the QAYG to work pretty well as they are not necessary in sync with the overall quilting pattern.

I really enjoyed the experience of learnign a new technique and will defintly make use of this again.

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