Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Stash Note 92 - Double Cloth Cotton -

A few weeks back I saw on the 'Purlbee' blog a feature about Men's shoe bags. These were simple drawstring bags from the most wonderful looking denim cloth.

I thought I could do with a few new shoe bags and really liked the wholesome look of the colour and fabric and above all I loved the two-sided nature of the fabric.

So I ordered it immediately from the Purlbee but what I failed to notice, although it was clearly written on the blog was that this was in fact double cloth or (also called double gauze).

The fabric arrived and I was slightly taken aback by it and straight away decided that this was much to precious and soft and lovely for shoe bags. I mean I really love my way too big collection of shoes but even I would not warp them in double gauze (Perl Bee what were you thinking ? :-)

So I am going to make a gorgeous quilt from this that will be incredibly soft and snug and because it is double sided I effectively have 12 different combination at hand. I envisage something really simply and manly with large squares and maybe not to much quilting.....

 Sometimes an oversight can be a very happy one indeed.....


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