Wednesday 16 July 2014

Once upon a time - a finished quilt-

Sophia arrived on the day I wrote the "work-progress" post about this quilt and I can finally say we are deliriously happy and she is of course my perfect little niece.

And the quilt is also finished and it was a quick one this time. I really must make more small quilts!

The quilt is about 33" wide and 40" long and my favourite bit has got to be the stacked Rapunzel towers on the left edge of the quilt.

I quilted in half circles starting on the top right corner and used a variety of threads in 3 different yellow tones, orange and green. Most of thread were 16w Perlé which is a little tricky on the machine and best sewn with top stitch needle and a thinner thread in the bobbin for which I used a 40w Aurifil in beige.

I love how the different colours give the quilt another focus point.

I bound in Kona Cotton in grass green to frame the quilt front and add contrast to the back.

The back fabric is also from the same collection and is the cutest print ever.

This quilt is a little stiffer due to the cotton/linen mix which is perfect as it will be used as a play mat a lot.


  1. Congratulations auntie! I'm sure your niece will love it forever :)

  2. I love how you have used the daisy floral too! This is a very pretty quilt, sure to be loved!

  3. Isn't it just darling! Love all those prints

  4. Absolutely gorgeous, this is one the sweetest little girl quilts I have seen. Great fabric choices. x

  5. Love the colors. Yellow and green with linen has always been my favorite pairing. Reminds me of these curtains my mom had hanging in the kitchen as a kid. :)


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