Monday 17 March 2014

Hurray a finished quilt

I got my beloved beast back and it runs again smoothly. My suspicion was correct and they had to re-set the casing where the bobbin holder rests in. I suspect that the problems were caused when I was sewing a zipper back with leather (can't show I'm afraid as it is for LP&Q issue 8) the other day which resulted in some jamming of the needle.

And although the weather was absolutely gorgeous over the weekend I managed to finished my first wall hanging 'Dreams of Summer' and it is already hanging on the wall in my front room.

As already mentioned in my earlier post about it, this piece is most definitely inspired by the Gee's Bend quilts. It is cut and pieced without the use of rulers or rotary cutters expect when it came to squaring up the quilt. The solids are an assortment of Kona and Freespirit Designer solids and some remnants whose origin I can't really place.

After much deliberation and a failed attempt at half circular quilting I decided on random fairly narrow straight lines and I believe this was the right decision in the end as the circular quilting may have been distracting from the actual colours.

One of the things I particularly love about the quilt is that it has no visible binding. The binding is folded and hand stitched to the back for which I used Victoria Gertenbach's excellent tutorial.

To hang the quilt I made a sleeve as it is about 32 inches long. For smaller pieces I would have used triangles in the corner.

And it is hung with a dowel and some eye screws pretty much in the same way as explained by simplyrobin.

You know for somebody who has never been fond of quilt wall hangings, I am actually really pleased with this. It turned out really lovely and makes for a great piece of decorative "art".


  1. what a wonderful bright statement x LOVE it x

  2. This looks great! Love it.

  3. I love your wall art - so bright and spring like!

  4. oh I like this alot! And the faced binding is a nice touch - I just did one of those on my City Sampler, and on some pieces I think it is a perfect finish!

  5. Love this Judith - it has a very organic feel

  6. lovely ! definitely a work of art!


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