Monday 24 February 2014

Dreams of Summer

Lately the colour yellow has been very much on my mind. Although I am not sure why I suspect it is the result of longing for better weather and a lot of frustration at work that I am trying to overcome with something nice and positive.

I love yellow in all its shades and when it morphs into orange even more. For a while I was thinking about a series of tall triangles in yellow surrounded by a lot of solid but that wasn't really motivating me to move to the cutting table.

Then over the weekend I looked at a few Gee's bend quilts on the internet which always jolts my imagination. So I pulled out my yellow/orange stash and started cutting strips with my scissors, no rotary cutter or ruler in side. It is a great liberating feeling and I was rather surprised how straight the cuts were which meant that I had to deliberately cut a little wonkier to achieve a bit of an improv look.

I am not sure where this is leading yet and even less sure how I will be able to assemble the different sized log cabins....but for now this feels and looks good and that is the mosts important aspect here.


  1. No matter where it is leading, it is indeed lovely!

  2. Yellow always makes me think of spring - maybe because of daffodils :)

  3. we all need a little yellow and orange at this time of year x

  4. I love the colours. I need to make blocks like these for my bee but in different colours.


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