Monday 10 March 2014

A broken beast

My lovely Horizon is at the doctors and that makes me very sad. The casing where the bobbin holder sits in, seems to be worn out resulting in tension issues (both with the machine and me !). At first I thought I just need a new bobbin holder but unfortunately that didn't solve the problem so I took the beast to my trusted repair man Chris who I'm sure will sort her out.
I guess after some years of heavy usage a repair was on the cards at some point and hopefully I'll have the beast back by the end of the week.

I am halfway through quilting 'Snowy Days' and half way through quilting' Dreams of Summer'.
This picture here is just before I basted it.  It was a real joy of piecing this quilt and I only used a ruler to square up right at the very end.


  1. Sorry to hear your machine is in for repair ... I guess if we work them hard we need to allow them a little holiday for TLC every now and again! Love the yellow in your featured quilt - perfect for spring :)

  2. Looks great! Yellow reminds me of spring.

  3. Snowy Days is going to be a beauty! Love the blocks and colors. Hope you're machine is back soon.

  4. Sorry to hear about your machine, hope it comes back soon. Your 'Dreams of Summer' is beautiful x

  5. lovely quilt! great to see some 'sunshine' after hearing about the storm warning coming to Montreal AARGH!

  6. I love the quilt. I wonder if I have the same problem with my horizon. The tension has gone off a couple of times, I will ask them about the same part. I love the machine but i have used it a lot.


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