Tuesday 12 March 2013

New i-pad cover for me

I went to see my sister in Germany a few weekends ago and realized just before I flew out that my i-pad and kindle were in desperate need of new covers.

I prefer this format for i-pad covers best as they are well protected and they look smart. I use needlefelt for the padding and I use it on the outer fabric and lining. It has just the right thickness for this without making the whole thing to bulky. I buy the needlefelt at Macculloch & Wallis. It is in my opinion the best fleece padding there is as it is actually made from fabric rather than the papery stuff Veline 707 is made of. It is also cheaper and if you are still not convinced then it might convince that Mulberry buys exactly that stuff in large quantities from Macculloch & Wallis for their bags. If it is good enough for them then it is sure good enough for me.....



And the delicious inside ! The lining fabric is from Alexander Henry and is called "Heavy Equipment".

And here one together with the new kindle cover which is a simple slip cover without Velcro or button.


  1. Just lovely, especially the Heavy Equipment liner.

  2. Gorgeous, the fabric, not the semi naked man! ;o). Good choice, I really need to make one for my tablet, one day soon.

  3. Perfect fabric for the job. So fun : )


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