Friday 28 December 2012

A few presents

A few presents were delivered by me this Christmas. Amongst the family adults we stopped buying presents for each other years ago when we decided we had everything. A good decision on the whole. But of course my nephew still receives his presents but his year he didn't get a quilt but a fantastic go-card from us all.
But there were two other people that got presents from me and those were homemade ones that I can share with you now that Christmas is over.

One was a Secret Santa for one of the Brit Bee Ladies. Although I am not part of the Bee anymore the Ladies still asked me to participate in a Secret Santa swap and I was delighted to take part.

My secret Partner was Laura and it was an easy decision what to make for her because I knew she loved this fabric ('home sewing is easy' from Alexander Henry) from when I made the i-pad covers for my craft fair. So I made here a fabric bucket and stuck some more fabric in it. I hope she liked it but I have a funny feeling that she did. I used this tutorial from Film in the Fridge.


The second present was for my best friend Leigh. Again the decision was an easy one - for two reasons. Firstly they are in desperate need for some new cushions and secondly Leigh loved the Rumba cushion I made from the 'A stitch in colour' collection from Malka Dubrawasky.

 For the back I chose a great animal print from the 2012 Echino collection because Leigh's husband is a very good wildlife photographer and loves to spend time in Africa photographing all the wild things that are running around there.


  1. These are lovely Judith! I hope you are having a lovely holiday.

  2. Great presents! Merry Christmas Judith :-)

  3. What fabulous gifts! They would be appreciated and loved by the recipients.

  4. The pillows are quite fun!! I am sure they will be well loved.

  5. Fab pressies J, and you got LJ spot on! Hope you had a wonderful break. Jxo


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