Sunday 30 December 2012

Stash Note 71

Care for one more stash note this year ?
Right after Christmas a package from Fabricworm arrived that I ordered right before Christmas. You gotta love them for their super speedy shipping.

It's a mixed bag of Kokka prints that I partly ordered for a lap-top cover commission and partly because I just could not help myself.

First up a fat quarter set of Melody Miller's new Ruby Star Sparkle collection.  I ordered the 'Skat-a-thon' colourway. As always with Melody's creations I am totally smitten even though this has sparkle on it and I am normally pathologically allergic against bling fabric. Look at those telephones; aren't they fab !

Next are four different colours of the 'Insect' print from the Echino Fall 2012 collection and two of the 'Stamped' collection by Ellen Lucket Baker; the cheater print in Multi and in grey.

Aren't these Insect prints fantastic. I think they would be fabulous as a lap-top cover.

Cheaterprint in Multi.


  1. THANKS for posting this! I have been so curious to see both of these lines in "real scale" and "Real Color!" I have to admit, i'm now smitten with the Skate-a-thon Ruby Sparkle too. Just saw a bit of the metallic newsprint on another blog, and I think this kind of bling is just right. Plus, love that green. It is so much righer than it looked in the shop pages.

  2. yummy :-) Love the rollerboots!

  3. Oh you have a love a little sparkle some time, especially at Christmas xxx


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