Thursday 10 May 2012

You can never have enough

.... cushions that is. Do you agree ? You may remember that  I made a series of pillows in the Aurifill challenge for 'Fat Quarterly' . They were in shades of yellow like the sunshine, in red like hot spices and in turquoise like the Caribbean sea.

But I always thought that at least one shade was missing and that kind of nagged me. So I made a fourth addition that is called 'Berrylishes' as it reminds me of Summer berries (if they aren't going to be drowned in the wettest drought ever).

Berrylishes front

Berrylishes back

You know and whilst I was at it I also made a pillow with the 'Stitched in colour' collection from Malka Dubrawsky that I bought a while ago and absolutely adore.
I used a template I made from cardboard to cut the tumblers (no need for Go Baby !).

The back features a great print from Echino with a black background.

And here a little stack for good measure...
All pillows can be found in my Etsy Shop


  1. I do so love a rainbow... and a cushion, so what better than a rainbow of cushions!!! lol x

  2. The cushions are gorgeous - particularly love your berry swirl quilting!

    I agree - who needs a Go! - probably because I don't have one though!

  3. Gorgeous cushions J! Love the quilting too! Jxo

  4. Fabulous cushions - I love the colours:)

  5. I am feeling a cushion frenzy coming on!

  6. I have started to enjoy pillow making too. These are lovely


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