Sunday 12 August 2012

Stash Note 63

This is a very exciting stash note for me because this fabric took me completely by surprise. Although there is a lot of great fabric out there, admittedly very little has gotten me that excited this year.

Most new collection are shown somewhere on the Manufactures webpages and in blog land when they are introduced at Quilt Market. So there are little surprises left throughout the year but somehow the new Echino Decoro slipped through my radar and when I saw it a few weeks ago at Fabriworm I was totally and utterly taken by surprise. Eyes widened and within seconds my fingers were whizzing accross the keyboard and a short week later this gorgeousness here arrived at my house.

So let me introduce to you Decoro and I am sure when you get to the end of this post you are as blown away by Decoro as I am.

First of Decoro Buck which is quite possibly my favorite of them all.

Then Decoro Zebra

which comes as a panel and is the only one of the collection that comes in the 85 to 15 % cotton linen mix, all other come in the thicker 45 to 55 % mix.

 This here is Decoro Frame that virtually screams to be used in purses, bags and e-reader covers.

And the last one is and ornate print called Gothic

Aren't they all just amazing ?


  1. Love the owl in the picture frame! That would be fantastic on a bag or purse x

  2. just waiting for my lot of decoro buck to arrive - excited!

  3. Love the frame one especially!

  4. Oh no! I knew I shouldn't look when I read the first few taster lines in google reader.
    These have slipped past me unobserved... until now.

    Arghhhhhh! I really have to get some of that decoro buck and the picture frames one. {oh dear, sorry, bank balance}

  5. I almost ordered these these the other day. There might be some shopping later, they are wonderful.

  6. Ooh. Wow. & Gosh! Need me some of these!


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