Sunday 8 April 2012

Stash Note 52

Happy Easter everybody first of all. 

Well these aren't obviously very Easterly fabrics (although you could toy with the Easter bunny theme if you were so inclined)  but you may remember my Stash Note 43 where I showed you a gorgeous piece of Alexander Henry fabric called 'Heavy Equipment' that I subsequently made into this bag. Well, I could not help myself but add a few more as you can see below. 'Aloha Girls' and 'Wranglers Brights' were also bought a the fantastic 'Fabric Inspirations' on-line shop.


  1. I love all these picture Alexander Henry fabrics! I have a Frida Kahlo one I got in a swap, but I want more! Thanks for tip, I think I have used them before, if they are the people in Nottingham I am thinking of.


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