Wednesday 24 August 2011

Winter White

Before I get to the actual post I just wanted to say a very BIG thank you to everybody who commented with advice and suggestions on 'A story in red and white'.  It was incredibly helpful and I now know how to progress. I will sash in white with red corner stones as was advised by some of you and for the back I will make the giant log cabin as suggested by Katy. However all of this will have to wait now for several weeks as I am going to pick up the 'Very Berry' quilt commission first as my dear friends have already been waiting to long for this.

I know we are in the middle of Summer, actually coming to the end of what was a questionable summer but I tend to knit winter garments in the summer and visa-versa although to be honest I hardly ever knit anything that firmly belongs into the Summer anyway.

This jumper was finally finished a few days ago and has been in the making for a while as I only took this particular knitting with me on long train journeys. In fact I started this sweater when I went to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh about a year ago so it is fitting to share with you the finished piece now that I have just come back from another visit to the Fringe a year on. Kitting is easy to carry as you mostly don't have to juggle a variety of wool balls which one often has to do for crochet projects.

This jumper has given me a hard time too and I am surprised (but no less delighted) that it turned out so beautiful.
The wool is called Silk Twist from Rowan and is a luxurious blend of silk, wool and the finest super kid mohair. The colour I chose is 'Parchment'. The wool was bought at Liberties London but that was last year and I don't know if they still stock them. Two of the balls had discolouration in them which I at first ignored because I thought it to be dirt that would wash off. But I got a bit suspicious and when I finished the front I realized that it was rather a lot of discolouration so I washed it thinking that if this isn't disappearing then I have a problem.
And ? Oh yes, Huston I had a problem. Half of the front had to be undone and I had to buy new wool which I luckily managed to get in the same lot number. Needless to say I was furious with Rowan for producing substandard wool.

But in the end the jumper turned out fantastically and I am glad I didn't wait until I had all parts stitched together and the collar knitted as I am sure I would have binned the whole thing rather then undo and redo it.

The wool in incredibly soft and this jumper will be lovely to wear in the cold winter days that surely are coming sooner rather than later. The pattern is from the Rowan magazine 'Silk Twist Classics'.


  1. Your White jumper is lovely. Looks so cuddly.

  2. OK now you are officially too talented!

  3. Your jumper is beautiful!
    Can't wait to see your red and white quilt

  4. Love the jumper - I'd like one in blue please ;-)

  5. very nice! i think it came out great!

  6. Oooo that looks like it came from Libertys.. Well done you!

  7. Lovely jumper - did you complain to Rowan about the substandard balls (snigger)?


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