Sunday 28 August 2011

Stash Note 27

In this week's stash note I would like to share with you fabric that has become really precious to me; my growing stash of numbers and letters fabric. I am sort of starting to collect these and am particular interested in monochrome prints. If  you know of any such fabrics then please let me know. I think they make excellent additions to quilts and add interest and fun.

These two are from Cosmo Cricket and are called 'Tailor Made Ruler' and were bought at FreshModerFabric.

This was bought at the fabulous 'Simply Solids' on-line store in in the UK. These two prints are from Lakehouse and are called 'Seed Catalogue'. The one to the right is white on white and doesn't photograph well at all. I just think they are fabulous. 

The vintage linen blend newspaper fabric is a superb Kokka print bought at the Eternal Maker

 This fabulous print here is Lecien Vintage Art Store and was bought at my local quilt Store Tikki Ltd.

 The following prints where all bought at Celtic   Fusion fabrics:

This here is Domestic Goddess by Kokka.

 And this marvellous print is Lecien Vintage Art lables

Lecien Vintage Art Store is this one

And the last one is a panel from Kokka called    
                                                                                 Feed Labels


  1. I am also drawn to fabric with words etc, this is a great collection.

  2. OK, if you come home one day, and find these have been taken, it was probably me!

  3. Oh my goodness I love those fabrics! I've got some of the seed catalogue on order and can't wait for it to arrive. You might like the recipe fabric from Riley Blake's Domestic Diva line.
    It looks like this

  4. I really love the labels / text prints!

  5. This isn't a stash it's becoming a horde! Lovely though!

  6. And Hadley will have been ably assisted by me - Archie will fetch on command, all I have to do is train him to recognise the prints I (sorry, we!) want!! Great collection!

  7. Check out Red Pepper Quilts post for today. She shows some nice word fabric called Annie's Farm Stand.

  8. I would love to have a stash of text prints like this. They are definitely swoon-some :-)

  9. Oh my, you could write a novel in a quilt with all those fabrics, I have fabric envy! x

  10. Have you seen the hometown sweetwater collection?? Lots of gorgeous text fabrics. :)


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