Sunday 21 August 2011

Stash Note 26

Yes you can see some more blenders. I came across the Perl Bracelet in Galosh the other day and loved the color and the pattern so much that I had a look at the collection. I am not a big friend of the 1001 Peeps pattern but somehow overlooked the very good blenders that are part of the collection. 

In the first image from left to right you can find 'Jewels' in Jinnee Orange, Basra Blue and Persian Blue (aren't these marvelous names !) and the next three are 'Illusion' in the same colour range.

 The four prints in this image are Pearl Bracelet in the same color range except for the one on the far right which is in the color Galosh.

All are bought from Fresh Modern Fabric on Etsy.


  1. I'm interested in why 1001 Peeps didn't work for you! It's a curious thing for a designer!


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