Sunday 31 July 2011

Stash Note 23

The fabric I like to share with you today doesn't need much introduction. It is the third installment of the 'Far Far Away' collection from the most talented Heather Ross. The new collection is just as beautiful as the last  but colour wise a little more sedated perhaps. Also some of the prints come in a lighter version of the Kokka typical cotton/linen blend. The lighter blend is better suited for sewing garments and perhaps also for quilts but there it doesn't matter so much in my opinion. What I do find a bit puzzling with this collections is that only some prints have the lighter mix and others not, it creates an inconsistency that I personally find a bit unnecessary.

I bought this collection at Fabricworm.

And these are some of my favorite from the collection. I love the blue and the whimsical drawings of the flowers and laundry lines.


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