Wednesday 27 July 2011

Meet the "See you later" messanger bag

The month of July has been really good to me with two commission that have given me the chance to explore my bag making abilities further. Today I'd like to introduce you to my new messenger style bag "See you later".

Front with Flap

When I went on a business trip to Germany a while ago I carried my "Jude" bag with me and some of my colleagues  were really impressed with it which to be honest took me utterly by surprise. They in fact liked it so much that they commissioned me to make bags for them. One colleague wanted the Ruby Star Rising fabric but in a different style and the other wanted an exact copy of my "Jude" bag (will post about this at a later point). 

I tackled the messenger back first. I loved this commission as I have had a messenger bag on my to-do-list for a while and this gave me finally an excuse to do it. I opted for a slightly more formal style with a flap that can be closed through a magnetic clasp and separate side panels that provide enough room albeit it being a fairly small bag (10 x 12 inches).

The bag is again made from the wonderful Ruby Star Rising Autumn 2010 collection (the new Spring collection is inanimate !).

The bag is fully lined with Kona cotton and has integrated pouches; one that is parted in two and one zipper pouch for keys etc.

For the sides I fussy cut panels from 'Vintage Dishes' in Pink.
I am planning to make this bag into a pattern incl. tutorial on how to tackle an integrated zippered pouch. Would anybody be interested in this at all ?


  1. I'd defo be interested ! It looks amazing !

  2. What a cool bag! I'd be interested in a tutorial! :)

  3. oh yes please. The bag looks great and I'd love to learn how to make an integrated zippered pouch properly.

  4. Ooh! I love the fabric you used for the back! It's great!

  5. Yeah, definitely, this bag looks great, really usable, and excellent fabric choice too :)

  6. yes please yes please yes please :-)
    I'm such a Bag lady & I've only made One bag, how sad is That?!

  7. I'd definately be interested...I love this bag. Hugs Naomi

  8. Lovely bag - I'd be interested to learn how to do that :)

  9. I would love a tute for that bag - I hate most quilted bags but that one is cute and cool and I have some Echino which would be perfect for it!

  10. I'd also love a tutorial; it looks great!


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