Sunday 20 March 2011

One "All the fish in the sea" quilt

.. done... as Gordon Ramsey would say if he would make quilts instead of delicious meals.

The pattern I used here is a very simple one, just stripes and I think this fits the pattern of the fabric perfectly. The fabric from Birch is 100 % organic and has a wonderful soft feel to it and the colours are bright yet warm. I paired the strips of the patterned fabric with solids, Kona schoolbus, Kona Caribean (my current favourite that I also used in the "Urban Circus" quilt), Kona robbin egg and a red and white I bought locally here of which I don't know the brand. On the back I used just solids with the exception of one pattern stripe. I love, love, love it.

I quilted it in straight lines in off white on the machine and then added some waves by hand in colours that match the colours of the quilt, orange, petrol, light blue and yellow. This make the quilt a little more playful.

The binding is put together from some leftovers from other quilts that happened to fit perfectly here. "All the fish in the Sea" is 50 x 42 inches (1.27 m by 1. m) in size which puts it in the baby quilt or 'fold over a chair to gaze at' category. Other posts regarding this quilt or fabric can be found here and here.
This quilt will go into the "Modern Relief Japan" auction that Heather  so kindly organizes.  So if you fancy winning this quilt then watch this space !! I actually won a quilt from Nova at the last Modern Relief Auction - so you see it is possible.


  1. It is certainly beautiful...great job!!

  2. Lovely! Very beachy and summery :)

  3. It's lovely. Great color combination and patterns are so nice, too.
    I really like the way photos with shells and sand.

  4. I love a strip quilt and this one is so lovely! The colors make me happy!


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