Monday 9 May 2016

Daybreak Scarf I

While knitting yesterday in the glorious sunshine in my garden I mused about the difference between my knitting and my quilting. When I quilt I usually work on one singular project until it is finished and then I start another. There are very few exceptions to this and those are my long term projects. I would hate having multiple WIPs lurking in unsuspecting corners.

But when I knit I behave totally different. I am happy to have four projects on simultaneously and often find myself knitting an hour or so on one project and then switching to another. I find this opposing behaviour rather amusing.

I have indeed been knitting up a storm and am very happy about it. Quilting inspiration and ideas pop on a regular basis into my head but for now they stay there and don't make it to the cutting table. And that is fine, I just go with the flow. (although there really are two baby quilts for recent new arrivals to make....)

My latest finished knitting projects is the Daybreak Scarf by Stephen West. This scarf has caught my eye for a long time but I struggled to decide on the right wool until I came across the Zauberball from the German company Schoppel. Zauberball is a wonderfully vibrant variegated yarn that comes as a 75% wool/25% Nylon option or a 100% wool and both in a fingering and lace option.

It just so beautiful and combines so many colours. When quilting I love using variegated thread and its the same in knitting. I ordered Zauberball in 'Papagei' from Didadu in Germany but there several online stores also in the UK that carry this brand. The accompanying contrasting yarn that is required for this scarf is Madelinetosh Light in the colour Antler which I bought at Loop in London.


The scarf knitted beautifully and much easier than I originally thought. And the variegated yarn made it fun to do as the scarf constantly changed character with every new colour emerging from the Zauberball.

This particular colour combination has yellows, mustard, blue-green, turquoise and red morphing into pink.


I added at each beginning row a drop stitch as the scarf would otherwise be difficult to block. I knitted the large size which really isn't that large and just right for early spring weather. My lovely colleague Xia to whom I gifted it will hopefully get much use out of it.

Happy Monday, knitting and stitching !

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  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. So pretty! I am off to find the pattern. It's just beautiful


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