Wednesday 13 April 2016

Rediscovery of Linen

Schoppel is a German wool manufacturet that is probably best known for its varigated 'Zauberball' wool which I discovered a few months ago (more on that at a later point). So while trailing through their wonderful wool selection and getting ever more excited I spotted "El Linio" which is 100% Linen.

The yarn is finished as a tape yarn so instead of a round thread structure it is flat and in addition it is paint dyed which gives it a suptel varigation.

It feels fantastic and although the skeins are only 50 g, run an astonishing 150 m. I love linen in all its forms, be it fabric or wool but it's a tricky fibre. Linen is flexible and the finished piece will "grow" on you, so you need to be careful not to knit too lose or too big.


I am knitting a Summer sweater with those gorgeous two colours and when this first back piece is finished will have to measure the final lenghs while it is hanging rather than lying down to ensure it's not "growing" too much.

Happy knitting and sewing.

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  1. looks interesting .. never used it so will be interested to see the finished result x


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