Thursday 31 March 2016

A new Winter scarf

This scarf, I finished a few week ago started live as a sweater but I soon realised I didn't like it as a sweater, so unravelled it all and started a large scarf.

I knitted this one again over a long period of time, mostly while travelling though the last third at home as it gotten rather heavy.

This scarf is made from Madelinetosh Merino DK in Mineral and was bought at Loop Yarn here in London and I love this treasure trove of a shop.

I think I used 6-7 skeins on this, hence the heaviness, and it measures about 2 m by 46 cm and was knitting in simple seed stitch which makes it look maybe a bit more like a blanket than a scarf.


Whilst I am really happy with the scarf and love wrapping myself into it, I must say on hind side, that it really is very heavy and I don't think I would wear it on a 3 hour walk or something like that. But this is just a small issue. Mostly I just love the incredible softness of the yarn.

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