Sunday 21 December 2014

Camera bags

I bought my nephew for Christmas a small point-and shoot camera because he developed an interest in photography and that obviously pleases me no end. When we were in holiday in October he kept using my sister's SLR but most images he took look rather out-of-focus and cropped at odd angels because the camera is just to heavy for a six year old to hold steady !

To go along with the camera I thought I use my Echino camera print to make him a padded drawstring bag. And while I was at it I made myself one to for my smaller camera. I use 'needlefelt' for padding and whilst it certainly doesn't prevent damage from a fall, it still provides better cushioning than any of the Veline fleece products.

And with that I wish all my wonderful followers and readers a very merry Christmas and New Year. I will be back in January for a sneak peak but then in holiday for a couple of weeks.


  1. Have a great Christmas Judith and I look forward to seeing you in February.

  2. Great bags! I made one just the same a couple of years back for my camera, I used Liberty fabric and wadding to protect my camera, it fits snuggly in my handbag so I don't need to take out a camera bag too. Really useful!


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