Tuesday 7 October 2014

A quilt for Esther

Friends of mine have had their 2nd child on exactly the same day my lovely niece Sophia was borne. And of course a quilt is the MUST make gift for me. Currently I am working in New York and because my friends live here, I quickly finished the quilt last week and took it along with me to hand over tonight.

I loved making this one. It was something that was easy, yet very pretty and above all a relieve and welcome change from all the big quilts I have been making over the past months.

I have used a charm pack I had from one of the last Sweetwater collections called 'Noteworthy' and I love the way it combines, pinks, sharp reds, greens and darker yellows.  I have worked with Sweetwater several times before and do love their approach to design. Always coherent and always great text fabrics included. I made a quilt for my godmother using "Hometown", one for my mother using "Pure" and a strip quilt that I sold via my Etsy shop using the wonderful "Lucy's crab shack"

The quilt is densely quilted every half inch along the vertical and I have thrown in a few lines on the horizontal. I used a 28 w off-white Aurifil cotton thread.

For once I chose a solid colored binding; it sort of happened and I am really happy how well it offsets the colors on the front and how much it packs a punch in comparison to the red/white text fabric on the back.

The quilt drapes wonderfully and I was very lucky to have found the text fabric from the "Sun print" print collection by Alison Glass for Andover at the Village Haberdashery. I think it fits wonderfully, both in color and style.


  1. How sweet! I do love their fabrics too. I just looked at each of the quilts you mentioned. All beautiful!

  2. hello lovely quilt, and it hasn t to be always difficult to be so nice, I will make one of old shirts ....big hug


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