Wednesday 4 June 2014

A finished wedding shawl

While I am still battling my Hope Valley quilt through the machine I thought I share with you a recent finished knit.

I started this shawl about two years ago and it was meant as a project that I work on while travelling. Sadly it turned out to complicated for this. Whilst the pattern (wedding shawl pattern by purl bee) is not difficult in itself, it is too complicated to pick it up only now and then. It just took to much time to get into it again.

So in the end a few month ago I asked my wonderful mother who is an extraordinarily skilled knitter and semi retired to finish it. And she got right into it and is already planning on doing the next one for my sister-in-law.

The scarf is roughly 2 meters long and half a meter wide and we used three skeins of Scrumptious Lace which we knitted as a double thread.

This is a beautiful soft yarn which has a great sheen due to is merino/silk mixture (5 % silk and 55 % merino) and was fairly easy to knit though a double thread is always a bit more cumbersome than a single.

The colour is called 'Gold' and is available on-line at the 'laughing hen'.

I love wrapping it around my shoulders on cooling evenings and the colour is just fabulous for anybody with dark hair like me.


  1. Absolutely beautiful! I'm so tempted to start one for myself, but I already have three knts in progress. It's definitely going on my Desires List though

  2. that is definitely your colour

  3. This is beautiful and so much work! I love the colour


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