Thursday 13 February 2014

Churn dash quilt class starting next week

My churn dash quilt class at the Village Haberdashery starts next week Tuesday.

We will be talking about the wonderful churn dash block, designing it, constructing it and above all making a quilt from it.

Apart from the delicious cupcakes Annie provides, my students will also receive a comprehensive booklet about the making of the block and quilt. It'll be a six week project where students will learn many techniques that will set them up for any future quilt projects.

So come and join us next Tuesday !


  1. if only I was closer x hope it goes well x

  2. Wish I lived nearer - the churn dash is one of my favourite blocks!

  3. I'd love to attend but alas, I live too far away (in Australia). I return time and again to see your wonderful work -- your quilts and cushions are so stylish, I just love them. Thank you for sharing your work.


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