Wednesday 20 November 2013

Patchwork Tsushin -London feature-

Remember  back in the summer when Naomi Ichikawa from the Japanese magazine 'Patchwork Tsushin' was in London? She came over here for a K. Fassett exhibitions and sought out a few quilters she came across on the London Modern Quilt webpage.

It ended up being a two hour photoshop at my just finished house and the images plus a story was published in October.

Sadly I can't read the story as I don't speak Japanese but it is such a good feeling to see the images. Do you see there in the background is my Lady's bike ? On on the small photo in the top right you can see that I painted one of the walls summer grass green....

 Collette Moscrop is also featured who is a member of the LMQ too. She not only makes beautiful quilts but is also a talented fabric designer and screen prints her own fabric.


  1. Cool looking book, too bad I can't help you I don't speak Japanese either. Nice looking projects in there!

  2. What a unique experience. The article looks like a fab showcase. Di x

  3. They are beautiful pictures. I hope you find a translator so you can read it.

  4. how fun to be featured in a magazine. The photos are lovely


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