Friday 11 October 2013

The grey cross - the start of a new quilt

For a while now I wanted to make a grey quilt for myself. Grey is one of the more unusual colours in the quilting world and whilst used as filler sometimes to tone things down it is often overlooked. There are few collections that actually feature grey as the main colour. One that comes to mind is the organic range from Daisy Jane called 'Shades of Grey' (note that the fabric collection came out way, way before the hideous novel with the same name was published....) that is build around the colour grey. Other collections feature grey as one of the colours within the collection. For example Denyse Schmidt utilities it well with her Fleemarket Fancy and Hope Valley collection and the other one that I can think of is Sherpert Pips by Aneela Hoey.  I am sure there are plenty of others that  I don't know.

Many of the stash builder bundles that I bought over the past two years include a grey print and over time I accumulated quite a few. My idea was to make a quilt in soft, light greys but as you can see from the images that plan went to pot (quite literally). 

You see my favorite uncle is turning 60 and it occurred to me the other day that he deserves to have a quilt. Heinrich is the youngest brother of my father and about 20 years younger than his oldest sister. And he is only 15 years older than me. So us kids always had a great relationship with him.

I am using mainly strong manly greys with a few just soft tones here and there. The quilt will comprise 20 plus fabrics in varying shades of grey. There is soft grey, green-grey, brown-grey (yes !), blue-grey,  anthracite and a bit of black and most of the fabrics have some white incorporated too. 

There are 3 diffrent pearl bracelet tones in the bundle I compiled, some large and small dots, the 'Dem Bones' fat quarter package from my last stash note, Madrona Road in grey/black, Falala from French General in brown, chevron, quite a few Japanese text prints and some Alexander Henry Heath in a dark grey.

I probably will add one or two solids for good measure too.
So let the cutting begin !


  1. I don't know that I've seen a predominantly grey quilt, so it will be really fun to see what you create. Those fabrics look wonderful together, so great starting point :)

  2. Very masculine and calming. Looking forward to seeing this one


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