Tuesday 28 May 2013

Otti's quilt

I moved back into my house on Saturday. The top floor is finished and that is the main thing because that's where my studio is located. Downstairs will take another 4 weeks or so to finish because the screed needs to dry out before the wood floor can be applied.
It is soooo nice to sleep again in my own bed and in my own house after 4 weeks of being a nomad.

Anyhow after much cleaning and organising I allowed myself a spot of sewing .....
Last year my friends and neighbors celebrated the arrival of their second child. Actually we all celebrated and Ottilie is the most adorable little girl ever. Sadly they now have moved to the west country and I miss my almost daily dose of Otti very much. But on the plus side I get to visit them and enjoy the beaches of Cornwall ...there is that all important silver lining.

Otti got one of my changing mats when she was born but a quilt for her bed is still outstanding and as my first visit will happen in the next months I started to make the long planned quilt for her.

I bought the panel fabric I used in this quilt almost 2 years ago at the Eternal Maker's stand at the Birmingham quilt festival. Honestly one moment an entire role was there, the next it was gone and I was lucky or actually smart enough to buy right away.

This Japanese panel fabric was sort of earmarked for something really special but without any specific plan. That is until Otti came along. It is just perfect for her and her parents. I added many pieces of other Japanese linen blends, cottons and some ticking fabric too.

This was a lot of fun to make and is sort of 'improv' pieced.
Stay tuned to see the finished quilt.


  1. That's looking gorgeous. We are also waiting for floor screed to dry out before we can lay our kitchen floor, we've been without the kitchen since the end of Feb and sadly with 3 small children we've not been able to move out and are just living in utter chaos!

  2. Welcome back! This looks fabulous, lucky Otti :o)

  3. Welcome back!! I hope the rest of the work goes quickly and smoothly!

  4. Looks good so far! Good luck with the building work!

  5. Glad you are 'home' at last. he quilt is looking superb already x


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