Wednesday 29 August 2012

On-the-go-quilts for the fair

I found myself unexpectedly with more time on my hands as my sister sadly had to cancel her visit short noticed. So instead of going back to work and feeling very sorry for myself (actually I do feel sorry for myself as I was very much looking forward to spending time with her and my nephew) I am using the surplus time I have creatively and also a little for myself to just relax.

This is a picture heavy post, so consider yourselves warned. I am of course still working on the preparations for the craft fair (check out previous posts here and here)

What is strange about this whole sewing madness is that I actually enjoy it. I was always under the impression that I would resent making lots of small things that "I won't sell anyway". I am saying this because the sales at craft fairs are not always great and in particular not as a first timer. But for some reason I really love sewing all the small things and am strangely hopeful that I will be able to sell them either at the fair or through my on-line shop. In any case I am enjoying myself and that is what its all about. 

You know how much I love making my on-the-go quilts and these five additions are no exception. Each of the dozen or so I have made over the past year is a unique piece and every new one is my favorite.

I used for the backs this time a lightweight home-decor fabric. The quilts are mainly used as changing mats and therefor are frequently laid out on the ground and I think a heavier fabric is ideal for this. Also this fabric is less expensive then the Kokka Trefle I have been using in the past.

A lot of Dr. Seuss but also some log cabin and pineapple designs from other fabric in between.

Yes I even made a pink one and actually do quite like it.

All folded up and ready to go to Market !

Back to the sewing machine......


  1. they look good to me ... good luck xx

  2. They look superb all together, but I think having quintuplets is even beyond me!!

  3. lovely little pile great pieces.
    Good luck with all the sewing. It is fun and only a sewing person can get the (ir)rational part in this. :)
    Wishing numerous sales too :)

  4. They look Fab, Judith, especially the way they all fold up into a neat little bundle. Oh, and I know someone who would really like the pink one, so if you're up for a pre-fair sale, let me know ;-)

  5. I think you will be surprised at what you sell. There's so much naff stuff out there that you can pay a lot of money for, but these are hand made and designed with care. Good luck with the fair! If you don't sell your pencil cases, then I'll buy a couple of them for my godsons for Xmas if you put them in your Etsy shop :)

  6. Such beautiful quilts, I wish you the best at market!

  7. What beautiful 'on the go' quilts. Good luck at the market.

  8. oh these are awesome little things!! x

  9. Such cute quilts! Sorry about your sister and nephew.

  10. I just love what you've done with all these little quilts. So cute.


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