Sunday 26 August 2012

Stash Note 64

My friends this lovely little package here is the longawaited Ruby Star Vinyl by the Melody Miller.

Regular readers will know that I am totally enamored with Melody Miller's designs. This is now her fourth collection for Kokka and each of them has been a winner in my opinion. You seldom find designers that delivers a 100 % with each collection (and to produce two a year is no mean feast).

Melody Miller stays true to her vintage style. For this collection the centerpiece are old vinyl records. She asked other designers to help her design the labels and if I am not much mistaken our very own Lu Summers was one of them.

As with the previous collections panels are again a big feature. I love those vintage cameras as they remind me of the first cameras I saw as a child. In Germany we called them "ritsch-ratsch klick" which is basically the description of the sound they make when taking the photo and transporting the film forward.

Then we have vintage Bakelite telephones in various colour ways and also graphical and floral designs.

Needless to say that I love the collection. Kokka printed this collection on the lighter cotton/linen mix they do traditionally for their Spring collections (Spring in August ?). I think I would have preferred it on the weightier mix as that lends itself better to bag and purse making but then again I made a fantastic bag quilt from Ruby Star Spring this year and that would not be as soft as it is if it was in the thicker mix.

The collection was bought here in the UK at Village Haberdashery but is also available at the Eternal Maker too.


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