Thursday 13 December 2012

The Village Haberdashery

....has opened it's doors !

The lovely Annie, great person she is and president of the LMQG opened at the beginning of the year her online shop. She has gone from strength to strength with this adventure but also started to burst out of the seams of her house. Frankly I cannot imagine where she stored all the bolts of fabric, balls of wool and thread in her own house. She and here family must have been walking on stilts for months now !

But a solution has bee found and one that is of advantage to us all! Annie has signed a lease on a shop in West Hampstead which she is opening this weekend to the public.

And I hear there are great bargains to be had !

Opening hours this coming weekend are:
Saturday, 15th December 11-7
Sunday, 16th December 11-5

Location: 47 Mill Lane, West Hampstead, London NW6 1NB

Classes and opening hours for 2013 will be announced on her shop website soon too.

So go on have a nose around the shop next weekend and who knows you might bump into me there trying very hard to hold on to my pennies knowing it to be a futile exercise.

 Look at the yumness of fabric...spotted anything you might fancy ?

 Gorgeous DMC thread for the embroidery inclined !

Don't you just love these wonderful hand quilting threads. I certainly do. 

Any my knitters heart rejoices at the sight of all this wool.

Details for Annie and the Village Haberdashery:

Flickr: villagehaberdashery
Facebook: thevillagehaberdashery
Twitter: @vhaberdashery
Instagram: anniehaberdashery
Pinterest: vhaberdashery


  1. Annie's online shop is fab so I can only imagine how great an actual shop would be! Wish I lived near London

  2. What a gorgeous shop!!! LOVE the yarn too! If I ever make it to London again, I'll be sure to stop in :-)

  3. What eye candy! Beautiful looking shop.

  4. I'd love to come and stop you spending more money, but sadly the rail fare is just too much for this weekend, have fun and padlock the wallet! (After a little spree of course!)

  5. oh how I wish I lived down there I would just love to visit Annie's bricks and mortar shop !

  6. Lovely! Wish I was a bit closer, so that I could visit the shop.


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