Wednesday 12 December 2012

She loves the Blues

A new week, a new quilt. But this is probably the last quilt I will finish for 2012. I am starting to feel a bit quilted out to be honest.

My dear brother sent me a mail a few weeks ago asking if I could make a quilt for his girlfriend. She likes Blues and he would trust in my design skills (basically saying I haven't got a glue - bless him).
Luckily they had invited me for dinner the night before and when I left there sumptuously fed and and watered, a design idea had formed in my brain even before Johannes asked me to make a quilt.
Annette has a store bought blanket on her sofa with blues and beige and I thought I could do something with this arrangement.

Antique Blue curtsey of Design Seeds

I decided to make a quilt just of solids and the first stop if you decide this is Design Seeds. I just would not do without this fantastic website. And sure enough it was not long until I found my perfect combination.

So I started to take out my color charts of the various solids producing companies and found to my surprise that all are lacking a decent selection of Blues. You can have masses of turquoise in every shape or form but not the Blues ! Still I ordered the above stack from Annie at the Village Haberdashery (top to toe: Kona Sky, Surfe, Alegria, Navy, Stone and Putty) and added some more from my stash such as Kona Windsor, Royal and Mustard)

And then I started stitching a few log cabin blocks ! Let's see where that is going to take me this week.


  1. Reminds me of a day at the beach! Perfect!

  2. Such beautiful shades of blue - love these blocks!

  3. Really lovely colour selection :-)

  4. That is going to be excellent!

  5. Lovely blocks in a great colour combo. They really pop out.

  6. I so love blue in any shape or form. All look great.

  7. Your blocks look great. I love them! What a good sister you are! Design seeds is one of my favourite websites. I love seeing there latest photos in my Facebook feed! I also love the ocean and your colour choices are very beachy.

  8. I'm not a solids fan, but, your blocks are great!


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