Saturday 10 November 2012

Playtime - my new and first quilt pattern

You might remember my 'Girls at play' quilt I finished several months ago. I loved making this quilt and loved the finished quilt even more.

While sewing I took a lot of images of the process and decided to write up my first pattern. It took at lot (in words a lot) longer than I thought and was a lot more work then I anticipated. It is a very detailed pattern and is in total 17 pages long. The lovely Terry did a great job in proof reading (thank you again) to correct some of my more "Genglish" expressions.  But now I am finally happy with it and ready to reveal the pattern. May I proudly present:

This pattern is suitable for advanced beginners and one of its best features is that it does not use paper piecing to assemble the outer corner units of the blocks but instead a technique that is just as accurate but does not waste fabric and is also quicker.
The ‘Playtime’ quilt pattern includes:
1.     Fabric measurements for 3 different quilt sizes (Baby/Crip, Lap and Twin) and two different styles (all blocks different/ all blocks the same)
2.     Cutting instructions
3.     Fabric and colour suggestions
4.     A picture supported detailed tutorial on the construction of the block (without paper piecing)
5.     Layout and assembly instructions
6.     Making the quilt back and constructing a quilt sandwich
7.     Suggestions on quilting
8.     Binding the way I do it

It is available in my Etsy store here


  1. Congratulations on your first pattern! Just ordered my copy! Will go dig out fabrics now :).

  2. Congratulations on your very first pattern! It's beautiful, and certainly is the first of many. :)

  3. How wonderful that you have made it into a pattern. I went to look and it tells me it is sold, maybe you can set it up for multiples sales?

    1. Leanne and everybody else. I fixed the link in Etsy. I forgot to set it to multiple items, which really was a bit stupid..... One learns everyday.

  4. I really like this pattern, Judith! Thanks for fixing the link - I just bought it!

  5. Congratulations! Quilt patterns are a lot of work and its great you took the first step. I am sure the others will be easier.

  6. Oh well done J! Beautiful quilt and I've no doubt a thoroughly tested pattern! Jxo

  7. Congrats - first of many then!

  8. Oh well done you! Totally impressed here. Hope you sell many and write many more.

  9. great pattern, I just bought it! I specially love that it's a PDF pattern = no shipping costs = more to spend on fabric and instant gratification :-)


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