Saturday 12 May 2012

Siblings Together VII

Yes it is the weekend and time to report on the blocks I have received for the 'Siblings Together' log cabin project. I received 6 sets of fantastic blocks from all over the world, this really has turned into an international effort. I am fairly certain that these are almost the last blocks I to arrive at my house; there might just be one or two stragglers still on their way. 
Please do not sent anymore blocks as I will start assembling the quilts this coming week and need to be sure that I have them all to ensure that I can achieve balanced colour designs.
If you do know after reading this post that your blocks are still on their way then please drop me a line or leave a comment on this post.
If you haven't heard anything about it yet and wish to join in this great cause then you can read up on it in the flickr group, the charity itself, Lynn's blog or on my first and second post.

Let's see what we got this week:

First there is an arrival from Riga in Latvia from Fiona who sent me what I believe is 20 beautiful blocks. I think somebody really enjoyed making this block !

Second is post from Canada from Felicity who sent below gorgeous blocks:

Third in the race is Christine from Israel who sent twelve blocks that are just marvelous. I so love those dogs.
The fourth entry came all the way from Australia from Danielle and you know those blocks do remind me of the dark red earth in the outback (a long time ago)

Number five is from Nikki who I believe lives here in the UK. She even put in a little Heather Ross which always makes my heart beat faster.
And lastly Moira blocks which I believe also come from the UK finally arrived. I love the combination with the solids, so striking.

As mentioned in the beginning I will start assembling quilts in the coming week and will post regular (though not weekly) updates on the progress. By the looks of it I have enough blocks for 3 quilts. I am aiming to have them all done by the end of July. 
I'd like to take the opportunity  to sent you all a heartfelt thank you for your contributions. I am convinced the quilts will look fantastic and three kids/teenager will be made very happy.


  1. Another brilliant deposit in the ST bank x

  2. It is going to be fun to see the quilts come together.

  3. These are wonderful. I especially love Christine's blocks.

    Amanda Rose

  4. You are right Judith, I did! Glad to see that the blocks arrived in time. I am looking forward to seeing the quilt tops, and thanks again for all your time and effort in pulling this together.

  5. 3 quilts!!! wow how generous of everybody who send to you and how generous of you to assemble the blocks. that will result in 3 happy siblings this summer :-)

  6. Hooray! Glad my blocks arrived! Thank you again, Judith, for putting these tops together.

  7. Well done Judith and everyone who has sent blocks in from here and afar! This mission has touched so many hearts!

  8. Gorgeous blocks - have fun assembling the top!

  9. So excited to see the finished quilts!


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