Sunday 11 December 2011

Stash Note 39

Flannels !

I love the the incredible soft feel of flannels but I have not used them as quilt backs yet. For some reason I find a quilt back to precious for flannel. And I think that I am entirely wrong here as flannels are actually more expensive than for example Kona cotton. So it should actually be the other way around that flannels are to precious to use as a quilt back (rambling here think....)

Anyway lately I have been making baby blankets with flannel backs. I used a whole stack for solid coloured flannels I bought when I was in the US in Spring. So I am again on the lookout for flannels and I was immediately attracted by the colours of these when they came out a few months ago. The flannels in these images are from Anna-Maria-Horner's 'Lou Lou Thi' collection, Sarah Jane's 'Children at Play' and one is also by Anna-Maria Horner but from her 'Folksy' collection'.

What I love in particular about the 'Children at play pints is that they are actually really good for boy baby blankets. So often I find that fabrics lean more toward little girls and it is often hard to find boy friendly prints.

From left to right:
AMH - Lou Lou Thi, In the Clearing
SJ - Children at Play, Rockets Blue
SJ - Children at Play, On the Go Coral

From left to right:
AMH - Lou Lou This, Jewlry Ruby
AMH - Folks, Diamond Mine Sun
AMH - Lou Lou Thi, Flower Go Around Maiden
SJ - Children at Play, Chasing airplanes blue


  1. Gorgeous! I have some flannels on the way to me and I'm really looking forward to them arriving

  2. I try to use flannels as the backs for all my quilts.


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