Sunday 18 December 2011

Pirates, Dogs and Bones

Having finished 'Lotta fly away' last week I wasted no time moving on to a new quilt project. After some contemplation I decided I'll make a quilt for my little nephew for Christmas although I already bought a book for him. That will make it two presents from me which is not something we normally do but my excuse is that he is my godson and he will get a normal single bed soon, so he needs a new quilt.

I am using my Emily Taylor PirateTimeless Treasure 'Dogs', Alexander Henry 'Bizness Pirate' for this plus others from my stash.

Have a lovely Sunday


  1. Echo what Hadley said! Great pirate prints!

  2. Oh those are wonderful boyish fabrics! I'm sure he'll love it! Jxo

  3. Wow! You are going to be a very popular Auntie! Great fabrics!

  4. You're the number one Godmother :-)

  5. what a lovely gift and great fabric

  6. Godchildren are supposed to be spoiled. Can't wait to see the finished Pirate quilt.


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