Friday 16 December 2011

And we have a winner

This has been the most amazing response to a giveaway I have ever done. I asked you guys to tell me and everybody else your proudest creative achievement of this year and I have been utterly blown away by the fantastic pieces that you made this year.

A lot of you made something that they would necessary not make for themselves but it made somebody else very very happy.
Others, a lot of others actually had first time quilts, clothes  or other things they made.
And again others are proudest about quilts they made for their loved ones.
And then there are some of you that are proudest about the moments they shared with their kids making something together. 

I tried to respond to every comment and made good progress doing so on Monday evening for several hours and on Tuesday but I'm afraid I didn't manage to sent each and everyone of you a little thank you or well done.

One the funniest crafty items I saw was from Michelle Mathews who blogs over at "Little Peanut" She made a Darf Wader costume for her daughter and I swear this is the cutest bad guy costume I have ever seen. Check the post to the picture out here.

Darf Wader by Michelle Mathews of "Little Peanut"

However Random org did not favour Darf Wader but instead Heather A. from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada who finished her first solo quilt this year. Well done Heather  (I think I know the binding you used on this quilt)

Congratulation Heather, a mail is on its way to you and once I have your address I'll sent the goodies out to you.


  1. Congratulations to Heather! Love the Darth Vader bear!!

  2. Well done Heather - what a great place to live - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan sounds so awesome!

  3. Congrats to Heather! I have been cheering her on all year! She is indeed a worthy winner! Everyone should go and say "Hi!"

  4. Oh my goodness! You are so sweet to feature my Darth Bear costume! I'm glad you got such a kick out of it. I can't help but grin every time I think about it. :)

  5. WOW! I'm DElighted, to say the least! The fabric looks very pretty and I look forward to making something quilty with it! I can't believe I won anything at all given the number of entries! Amazing! And that binding? From the Riley Blake Farm Fresh line ... just like I used in the quilt. Thanks so much, Judith! I'm sending you an email right away!

    Thanks everyone, too, for cheering for me and yes, Suz has been a great mentor to me in my quilting adventure. And, Flying Blind ... I follow you, too! You should open your eyes and steer that Rocket Cycle of yours this way!

    Thanks for the link to Darf Wader ... ROFLMAO ... HILARIOUS!

  6. Congratulations Heather!
    I love Darth Bear!

  7. Yay, Heather! Congratulations :)


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