Sunday 27 November 2011

Stash Note 37

A few weeks ago I went for a quick dash during a very rare lunch break to Soho to check if 'Kleins' had any metal purse frames. They did but not the ones I was looking for. A bit disappointed I left, intending to walk straight back to the tube station. But.

But at the corner of Noel and Berwick Street is the Cloth Shop and I thought "Oh come on a quick visit won't harm....... I surfaced 30 min later (which isn't bad considering) with the most gorgeous linen fabric imaginable. Quite frankly if I had the means I could have spend a fortune there. I wanted everything they had. But sensible (or almost sensible) as I try to be I bought just a few pieces of linen.

The first three images are linen with a wonderful old fashioned print on it. This is canvas weight and I am planning to make some cushions with it. It feels so luxurious.

And this here is the softest linen ever. It comes in a 45 cm width and is ideal for tea towels for example. But I am going to use it as a table runner on my new/old kitchen table I recently bought. It's fantastic really as it has a great looking selvedge on the long edges so I only need to make a neat seam on the short ends. 
In addition I bought these wonderful cotton squares that can be used as napkins. 
Anybody fancy to come around for dinner ?


  1. Those are all gorgeous! I wish I had a shop like that nearby! :)

  2. Love the printed fabric, are they old receipts? Have only been down Soho once and that was for a meal one night, you are so lucky to have all the lovely shops on your doorstep. Linda

  3. I'll be there: just tell me where and when :-) Lovely fabrics

  4. Never knew that there were fabric shops anywhere in Soho!? Great linen I really like working with the stuff for the texture and feel of it and hand stitching it is heaven!

  5. Great find. They will all look wonderful in your projects. I'd love to come to dinner :0) - might take a while though Haha

  6. That Linen print is gorgeous! Wish I could just make a quick dash to somewhere like that!!

  7. Wow! What incredible finds... I was so bummed, though, when I discovered that you meant Soho in England. I thought you meant the Soho section of New York. Glad you found the fabrics, though! Look yummy.


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